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It can appear as though your reality is disintegrating around you when you are experiencing a divorce, child custody contest, abusive behavior at home issue, or other legal issues including your family. Feelings are running high, and connections can go from terrible to more awful rapidly. At The Louis Law Firm, we assist you in exploring this overpowering procedure. We give you quality, support, and a clear view of the road ahead.


Focusing on family law, our accomplished divorce lawyers can deal with a wide assortment of issues that we provide while keeping in mind the personal nature of those matters. We realize that numerous individuals counseling with a family law lawyer or a divorce lawyer is making some difficult time emotionally, and this is thought about while dealing with the case. Family law is not normal for different kinds of law right now. Thusly, you need a lawyer with involvement with the area to competently handle your case.


Regardless of how convoluted or disagreeable your circumstance is at this moment, there is hope. We have devoted ourselves to addressing the necessities of the families we speak to. With uprightness and sympathy, we assist families with experiencing divorce, custody debates, and other residential or property issues. Let our accomplished Spring Creek divorce lawyers assist you with pushing ahead. Make the divorce process go as smoothly as possible with The Louis Law Firm. Get in touch with us today.

Divorce proceedings will ruin matters, including child custody, and any conflicts that control family law. These are the kinds of challenges that should be addressed with a deliberate, sensible approach. So without first discussing your case with an experienced divorce lawyer, you should not make any major legal decisions or agreements. Otherwise, you can agree on permanent choices involving custody, care or the distribution of resources that do not represent your own needs or the realities of your finances. Our lawyers approach every single case with sympathy and cautiously tailor our legal techniques to guarantee that your advantages, just as those of your friends and family, are constantly secured. We comprehend that these issues directly influence your real life.


We in The Louis Law Firm recognize that aspects of family law are challenging and can change your life, which is why we are committed to helping our clients navigate such complex legal issues in a time of scarcity. The qualified divorce lawyers have internal and external knowledge of family law in Ridgewood and we can provide a degree of responsibility and client consideration that other law firms are unrivaled.


Our expert exhortation will delineate a technique that is lined up with you and your cherished one’s eventual benefits in this manner permitting you to productively progress to your new life while getting the best in general result for you and your family.


Conveying compassionate skills and customized administration is the foundation of our training. We are your ally and will as your “trusted counselor” have the uprightness to disclose to you how it is. We give you our expert affirmation that we won’t waste through your time or, your money.


In the case of divorce and inquiries about child support plans, division of property, modifications or other related issues, our lawyers use the legal skills you need. Speak to the Louis Law Firm experts now to see how our professional attorneys can help.

The separation of marriage is constantly a troublesome procedure. Notwithstanding the potential effects on your family life, you are likely confronting critical changes to your financial status as well. At The Louis Law Firm, we see how hostile divorce matters can be. Indeed, even in circumstances where the two parties are in concession to issues relating to the division of conjugal property or child custody and support, it is crucially critical to have a solid legal supporter on your side. In a wide range of divorce-related procedures, our accomplished Canarsie divorce lawyers give the expert legal portrayal who will assist you to secure your rights and eventual benefits.


Whether you are willing to start taking the key steps in your request for divorce, our divorce lawyer is here to direct you through the process, or if you have received a divorce appeal which has just been filed by your spouse. Our lawyers are always ready to help respond to your concerns and discuss your interests as a trusted partner in your divorce. Through our comprehensive information and legal experience in the Family Court affairs of Canarsie, we can help you register your divorce by state rules and within the correct timeline, thereby helping you to avoid costly slip-ups.


As you and your friends and family face legal problems, seek the full legal representation you need, and call the Louis Law Firm now. Our attorneys will guide you through both disputed and uncontested divorce and related cases to help ensure the best outcome in your particular case. You need to protect your rights and interests, call or email the office today to schedule a confidential case interview for a good, incredibly persuasive legal analysis.

Divorce impacts everyone adversely, no matter how vile you are. The decisions that you make at this time will have a huge monetary effect on you for an incredible period.


Your approach to the lives of your kids can also be affected more deeply. Divorce lawyers from Louis Law Firm take the time to balance their values and work consistently for your rights and your children’s rights in the family court.


We realize how basic this progress is and guarantee to walk you through each progression of the procedure while doing everything possible to ensure what’s generally essential to you.


Employing a lawyer, to prompt you on how best to ensure your inclinations and guide you through the confounding and frequently alarming procedure of suit, is a significant choice. It is a valuable choice to work with a professional to educate you on how best to guarantee that your inclinations are protected and to help you through the complicated and often troubling process. It’s not easy to find a Prospect Lefferts partner, who can help you deal with your questions with the peace and consistency you deserve when you face an unusual, mostly unexpected, option of life, family, your opportunity and your benefits.




  • We have the experience and wide information base to meet customers’ differing needs.


  • We stay aware of all the most recent principles, laws and best practices in divorce law.


  • We utilize a cooperative exertion among our lawyers to take on complex legal issues.


  • We structure long haul associations with our customers, prompting increasingly acceptable outcomes.


  • We influence in-house assets to keep divorce cases increasingly effective for customers.

The whole team focuses on helping families in complex areas of law. When you suffer a divorce, please contact our experts on family law today for a free first consultation. We speak to clients in Prospect Lefferts and we utilize the presence of mind and endeavor to cost-viably settle questions. Do not hesitate to call us today, contact our family and divorce attorneys from Prospect Lefferts.

Divorces are designed with complex legal, monetary and intense subject matters that change from case to case. In this way, picking the lawyer who is most appropriate for your specific case is significant. Choosing the best lawyer for your case may appear to be overpowering from the start; be that as it may, if you remember the accompanying subjects, your hunt will probably be progressively productive: 1) pick an accomplished and legitimate lawyer; and, 2) pick a lawyer with whom you are good.


It is basic to feel great with the lawyer that you eventually pick since divorces regularly include touchy issues, regardless of whether they are in regards to family funds, children, or personal relations. In this way, you should be comfortable with imparting personal information to your lawyer. Being transparent with your lawyer is significant, because your lawyer may accomplish the best outcomes for you if the person in question is made completely mindful of the entirety of the realities concerning your case. If you neglect to reveal something to your lawyer, it might diminish your lawyer’s viability, lead them to give flawed guidance and in the end trouble your case.


It is additionally imperative to pick a lawyer who shares your vision and theory concerning the case. If it is your wish to deal with the case as brilliantly as it would be beneficial, don’t choose a lawyer who has gained notoriety for being bad-tempered. Then again, if that is your choice to pursue a preliminary for your situation, don’t choose a lawyer who has no preliminary expertise or is reluctant to give you their preliminary background.

Spouses contemplating divorce must settle on significant choices that will affect their lives and their children’s lives in the future. Stress is typical right now if you have inquiries concerning where to try and start, you are not alone.


We are pursuing a client’s first strategy for the divorce process at the Louis Law Firm in Sheepshead. We work closely with our clients, ranging from divorce to represent in agreements, mediation, and litigation, to ensure that it is relevant in the most professional way possible.

In all cases, divorce becomes greatly increasingly complicated when questions of child custody, child support or spousal support are at stake. We recognize our support, concern, and dedication to positive outcomes that can guide you through the process.


Not many individuals start a marriage anticipating that it should end, however for some couples that is the heartbreaking reality. Regardless of to what extent your marriage has kept going, getting a divorce can be a difficult experience. Leaving the opposite side in a solid position both monetarily and sincerely requires the help of an accomplished divorce lawyer who is set up to fight for your rights.


It’s easy for emotions to cloud your judgment during a divorce or other problematic family law problems. You may be worried about your options or you may feel at risk for your future and the future of your family. When problems arise, it’s important to have an experienced divorce lawyer behind you, one that can help you decide on reasonable decisions, and make an agreement that suits your life.


At The Louis Law Firm in Ocean Park, our whole staff will advocate for our customers’ eventual benefits and the interests of their children all throughout the divorce procedure.


Yes, there are several complexities that should be sorted out even in an uncontested divorce. The attorneys are qualified to help clients handle all aspects of their disintegration. We help clients prioritize their expectations and focus on the most important areas of their divorce procedures.


We value the efforts to make your life mutually beneficial in chaotic moments. We’re there when you have concerns or just need an update on what’s going on. We are compassionate and dedicated to all our customer relations, in addition to our long term understanding. Your family, your life and your future are here, and we will support you.

We adopt a mature strategy to divorce. We accept that if you didn’t have a decent marriage, you can at present have a decent divorce. It’s never simple to experience a divorce or battle for custody of children. With all the legal procedures before you, you may feel overpowered, as well. This is the place the lawyer administrations of The Louis Law Firm will support you. Our attention is on life after divorce.


Our accomplished divorce lawyer in Sheepshead Bay can be an asset to you during such times. We can give you the privilege of legal direction to get past complex procedures. Call our law firm today to plan an arrangement!


Two Ways to deal with Family Law 


Mediation Approach


If you are on agreeable terms with your presumed ex-spouse and need to make the divorce a strife-free experience for you and your children, the best approach is mediation. It’s both skillful and moderate and can help you launch another time of your life.


Litigation Approach


Foresee a long divorce fight? It’s best to have an accomplished divorce lawyer close by to help you through your divorce. You can depend on our family’s way to deal with guarantee the best result for you and your children.


We understand the challenges of divorce. We will support and exhort as you make this change. We adopt an all-encompassing strategy for your case. Our lawyers will take a look at all of the moving parts and work with you and your companion to discover arrangements that work for everyone involved.

Anyone can tell you, divorces are upsetting during gatherings most especially if there are children involved but you will not fully understand how distressing it is until you face divorce. We realize what’s in store during a divorce case and can direct you through the procedure, keeping you educated.  The more muddled or one of a kind your case it will mean additional time, cash and vitality that you should consume to get past the procedure.


Here at The Louis Law Firm, our Bergen Beach team has broad involvement with divorces. Our profundity of experience gives a basic preferred position in issues including complex property division, divorces including business, retirement records and plans beneficial for children.


If you and your companion are experiencing a divorce, you are likely confronting a distressing and befuddling time. On the occasion, your life partner recommends that all of you don’t have to procure lawyers and can finish the procedure without legal direction, don’t be tricked. There are numerous issues in a divorce that you may be unaware of and you remain to lose resources/rights that you are qualified for. Procuring a lawyer for your divorce implies knowing the law, being ensured and being educated all through the procedure.


Let Our Experience Battle for You


If you are confronting a divorce, or even figure you might be soon, it is imperative to counsel with a lawyer at the earliest opportunity. You should never confront divorce alone, and with us, you don’t need to.


If you are in the Bergen Beach region, schedule your initial consultation with us to figure out what precisely we can accomplish for you to ensure your future. Act today, and start planning for tomorrow.

Divorce filings are seldom direct legal cases. These filings are so confounded because they incorporate various sorts of disputes, for example, child custody issues, spousal support, and numerous different issues. As a result of this multifaceted nature, you need a divorce lawyer who can deal with all the potential entanglements that may emerge in your divorce.


What Can Occur In Your Divorce?


At the point when a couple chooses to file a divorce, numerous beforehand undiscussed issues can become real clashes. For parents, these debates can turn out to be considerably increasingly warmed because they should consider child support and visitation.


Only a couple of the basic divorce gives that can cause a dispute include:


  • Marital asset and property division
  • Child custody, parenting time and visitation
  • Marital property, asset, and debt division
  • Division of military benefits
  • Spousal support, which is also called spousal maintenance or alimony
  • Child support payments


The Louis Law Firm group of experienced Downtown Brooklyn legal experts has helped numerous individuals settle their divorce questions so they can move on with their lives in a positive way. Our divorce lawyers can arrange these potential differences and assist you with getting the most ideal result for your divorce.


Divorces are complicated, and we have seen unreasonably ordinarily what can happen when individuals attempt to experience a divorce without appropriate legal portrayal. To find out more about how we can help you get through this stressful experience and help you move on with your life, contact our law firm today and plan a discussion with an accomplished divorce lawyer.

Divorce can occur at any phase throughout everyday life. We are here to support whether you and your life partner have children. Our experience will help to comprehend your property rights. Regardless of the circumstance, we are here to help explore you through the procedure and ensure your rights.


Our group will analyze the novel components of your marriage relationship to decide how best to accomplish a reasonable outcome for you.


We will assist you with Financially Recovering


After seeking a legal separation, you may find that life looks different. We are enthusiastic about helping our customers assume responsibility in the wake of dissolving a marriage. We will battle for your parental rights and monetary autonomy and to adopt an all-encompassing strategy toward helping you to explore life past divorce. We are here to assist you with getting ready for the future as a recently single individual.


Consider our advice — converse with a divorce lawyer when you know or suspect divorce is in transit. The group at The Louis Law Firm, in Gowanus, is knowledgeable about helping you plan an arrangement both for the time being and past your divorce.


No case is unreasonably complex for our divorce lawyers in Gowanus. Claim a business and need to ensure it is shielded from your mate during a divorce? It is safe to say that you are a homemaker who relinquished your profession so your life partner could seek after theirs? Perhaps you have a child with unique needs who you need to guarantee gets the consideration the person needs. Regardless of the conditions encompassing your divorce, we concede to each case and quit fooling around results.