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Unlike a divorce, obtaining an annulment makes the marriage null and void as if it never happened. However, obtaining an annulment is not an easy process because the grounds are based on fault and the evidence must be corroborated. There are several grounds for annulments, such as marriages between relatives, marriage to more than one person at a time (Bigamy), or the consent was obtained by reason of force, duress or fraud.

The most common ground for annulment is fraud. For instance, if your significant other promised to raise a family with you and you married that significant other based on that promise but after the marriage, he or she told you that they do not want to have children with you. In this situation, you may be eligible to file for an annulment.

Unlike divorce, judges do not see too many annulments, so it is very important that you hire an attorney that is familiar with the procedure and the law. Obtaining an annulment does not have to be an expensive or a lengthy process. Our attorneys are familiar with the annulment process and the necessary paperwork will be completed in a timely manner so you can start the next chapter of your life as quickly as possible.

If you feel that you are eligible for an annulment, call our office for a free in-depth legal consultation so we can start helping you with this process.

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