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We as a whole trust in a quiet, effortless life yet it doesn’t generally turn out that way. At the point when you need somebody to control the boat while you weather the tempest with you, The Louis Law Firm, PLLC is here for you.


Divorce is another term for the dissolution of marriage, which is the technique to lawfully end a couple’s marriage. We have some expertise in making this procedure as smooth and effortless as could be expected under the circumstances.


Experiencing a divorce can be horrible, however, we can make your experience less troublesome with the best possible lawful counsel and direction expected to control you through the confounded procedure. Sadly, we can’t make it totally easy, yet we do have many years of experience helping clients through intense occasions and can give the ability and bolster important to limit however much of the agony of the disintegration procedure as could be expected.


You can believe in our capacity to speak to you and remain by you all through the sum of the divorce procedure. At first, a request for the dissolution of marriage is documented to begin the activity to end a marriage. The divorce is finished when a Judgment of Dissolution is entered from the court. The appointed authority will present the division of property, care, and a child-rearing arrangement if there are minor youngsters, and child and spousal help, contingent upon the current conditions.


Our divorce lawyers in Fresh Meadows Queens NY have many years of experience helping clients explore the divorce procedure. We will support and assist you with beating this troublesome time, so you can push ahead and start your next part.