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Divorce can occur at any phase throughout everyday life. We are here to support whether you and your life partner have children. Our experience will help to comprehend your property rights. Regardless of the circumstance, we are here to help explore you through the procedure and ensure your rights.


Our group will analyze the novel components of your marriage relationship to decide how best to accomplish a reasonable outcome for you.


We will assist you with Financially Recovering


After seeking a legal separation, you may find that life looks different. We are enthusiastic about helping our customers assume responsibility in the wake of dissolving a marriage. We will battle for your parental rights and monetary autonomy and to adopt an all-encompassing strategy toward helping you to explore life past divorce. We are here to assist you with getting ready for the future as a recently single individual.


Consider our advice — converse with a divorce lawyer when you know or suspect divorce is in transit. The group at The Louis Law Firm, in Gowanus, is knowledgeable about helping you plan an arrangement both for the time being and past your divorce.


No case is unreasonably complex for our divorce lawyers in Gowanus. Claim a business and need to ensure it is shielded from your mate during a divorce? It is safe to say that you are a homemaker who relinquished your profession so your life partner could seek after theirs? Perhaps you have a child with unique needs who you need to guarantee gets the consideration the person needs. Regardless of the conditions encompassing your divorce, we concede to each case and quit fooling around results.