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Family law is an extreme practice in New York because it concerns small children now and then. Lawyers should always be aware of the benefits of young children, and we take that responsibility into account. You should be prepared to honestly focus on the potential gains of your minor children before calling in our counsel in Marine Park.


Our attorneys know how to speak to clients through child support and time-sharing disputes, marital disintegration, jurisdiction, parental rights, divorce settlement, and pre-nuptial agreement.


Types of Divorce


Contested Divorce


A contested divorce is the point at which one spouse petitions the court for a divorce. This person is known as the applicant. It’s essential to take note of that in both contested and uncontested divorces, just one spouse petitions the court. The candidate will record divorce papers and the other accomplice will answer these papers. The subsequent accomplice is then alluded to as a respondent.


What gives a contested divorce its name is that the two accomplices can’t go to a concurrence on the division of advantages, kids, or obligation? This prompts a combative circumstance and a ton of to and fro between the two parties.

You are waging a legal war against your former partner. A divorce lawyer isn’t just a shrewd thought – it’s crucial if you need a fair, just settlement. This is especially evident when children get involved and kid support issues come up.


Both the candidate and the respondent go to court in a contested divorce. Their lawyers will make their contentions and an appointed authority will settle on the ultimate result.


Uncontested Divorce


The uncontested divorce is a little less complicated than a disputed divorce, but using any means is not a walk in the park. In an uncontested divorce, both parties will equally request divorce (one recording and one reaction). They will agree on everything defined to separate their benefits and properties at that level. They should likewise agree with any minor youngsters they have on anything listed.


After agreeing, the two parties consent to a conjugal settlement arrangement and complete a budgetary testimony inside 45 days of seeking a legal separation.


At The Louis Law Firm, we have helped Marine Park residents with family law matters identified with divorce procedures, support issues, and custody over minor children. Regardless of whether you concur with your companion or ex-life partner on a large number of these issues, it is a smart thought to consult with a divorce lawyer to guarantee that you understand the full extent of your rights and that you ensure your inclinations at each progression of the procedures. It isn’t uncommon for the life partners to at first agree about an arrangement yet inevitably arrive at a state of difference during the legal procedure that transforms the issue into a contest. Getting a lawyer from the start guarantees that you will be prepared for any new development.