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In all cases, divorce becomes greatly increasingly complicated when questions of child custody, child support or spousal support are at stake. We recognize our support, concern, and dedication to positive outcomes that can guide you through the process.


Not many individuals start a marriage anticipating that it should end, however for some couples that is the heartbreaking reality. Regardless of to what extent your marriage has kept going, getting a divorce can be a difficult experience. Leaving the opposite side in a solid position both monetarily and sincerely requires the help of an accomplished divorce lawyer who is set up to fight for your rights.


It’s easy for emotions to cloud your judgment during a divorce or other problematic family law problems. You may be worried about your options or you may feel at risk for your future and the future of your family. When problems arise, it’s important to have an experienced divorce lawyer behind you, one that can help you decide on reasonable decisions, and make an agreement that suits your life.


At The Louis Law Firm in Ocean Park, our whole staff will advocate for our customers’ eventual benefits and the interests of their children all throughout the divorce procedure.


Yes, there are several complexities that should be sorted out even in an uncontested divorce. The attorneys are qualified to help clients handle all aspects of their disintegration. We help clients prioritize their expectations and focus on the most important areas of their divorce procedures.


We value the efforts to make your life mutually beneficial in chaotic moments. We’re there when you have concerns or just need an update on what’s going on. We are compassionate and dedicated to all our customer relations, in addition to our long term understanding. Your family, your life and your future are here, and we will support you.