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We adopt a mature strategy to divorce. We accept that if you didn’t have a decent marriage, you can at present have a decent divorce. It’s never simple to experience a divorce or battle for custody of children. With all the legal procedures before you, you may feel overpowered, as well. This is the place the lawyer administrations of The Louis Law Firm will support you. Our attention is on life after divorce.


Our accomplished divorce lawyer in Sheepshead Bay can be an asset to you during such times. We can give you the privilege of legal direction to get past complex procedures. Call our law firm today to plan an arrangement!


Two Ways to deal with Family Law 


Mediation Approach


If you are on agreeable terms with your presumed ex-spouse and need to make the divorce a strife-free experience for you and your children, the best approach is mediation. It’s both skillful and moderate and can help you launch another time of your life.


Litigation Approach


Foresee a long divorce fight? It’s best to have an accomplished divorce lawyer close by to help you through your divorce. You can depend on our family’s way to deal with guarantee the best result for you and your children.


We understand the challenges of divorce. We will support and exhort as you make this change. We adopt an all-encompassing strategy for your case. Our lawyers will take a look at all of the moving parts and work with you and your companion to discover arrangements that work for everyone involved.