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Uncontested Divorce

Not every divorce has to be messy, expensive and emotionally draining.  Uncontested divorces are considered to be easy on the parties and finalized quickly.  There are two different types of uncontested divorce:

  • A simple cheap divorce is recommended when the parties do not have any major assets or debts or any custody issues with the children; and
  • A stipulation divorce is recommended when the parties own only certain assets, such as real estate property or retirement accounts.

Simple cheap divorce

Parties may choose to do a simple cheap divorce if they do not own any real estate properties or are not interested in obtaining a share of their spouse’s retirement benefits.  A simple cheap divorce is also recommended if there are no real estate property or custody issues, but their spouse is refusing to sign the divorce papers.  Our office can still get the divorce even if the other spouse refuses to sign the papers.

Stipulation divorce

The stipulation divorce is recommended when both parties have a mutual agreement over the division of assets, debts, custody/visitation, child support, and retirement benefits.  In this situation, our office provides a unique type of divorce in which we go over a questionnaire with the client and a strategy session.  The stipulation divorce saves clients thousands of dollars in legal fees and it is still fairly inexpensive compared to most other firms.

We encourage you to call our office to go over the procedure on how to obtain an uncontested divorce.

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