Uncontested Divorce

Not every divorce has to be messy, expensive and emotionally draining.  Uncontested divorces are considered to be easy on the parties and finalized quickly.  There are two different types of uncontested divorce:

  • A simple cheap divorce is recommended when the parties do not have any major assets or debts or any custody issues with the children; and
  • A stipulation divorce is recommended when the parties own only certain assets, such as real estate property or retirement accounts.

Simple cheap divorce

Parties may choose to do a simple cheap divorce if they do not own any real estate properties or are not interested in obtaining a share of their spouse’s retirement benefits.  A simple cheap divorce is also recommended if there are no real estate property or custody issues, but their spouse is refusing to sign the divorce papers.  Our office can still get the divorce even if the other spouse refuses to sign the papers.

Stipulation divorce

The stipulation divorce is recommended when both parties have a mutual agreement over the division of assets, debts, custody/visitation, child support, and retirement benefits.  In this situation, our office provides a unique type of divorce in which we go over a questionnaire with the client and a strategy session.  The stipulation divorce saves clients thousands of dollars in legal fees and it is still fairly inexpensive compared to most other firms.

We encourage you to call our office to go over the procedure on how to obtain an uncontested divorce.

FAQs Regarding Brooklyn’s Uncontested Divorce Process
Occasionally, a marriage comes to a peaceful end when both parties choose to dissolve the legal partnership. There aren’t many conflicts, and they both think it’s better to live separate but friendly lives in order to fairly untangle the life they created together. Even in cases of uncontested divorce, a legal process must be followed, and this is best handled with the help of a Brooklyn uncontested divorce lawyer from The Louis Law Firm, PLLC.

When both parties consent to the divorce and there are no disagreements over custody or the allocation of assets acquired during the marriage, the divorce is said to be uncontested. It is also the desire of both parties to codify their understanding into a court decree, rendering the choice to end the marriage legally enforceable.

Even though the divorce is uncontested, the agreements made are nonetheless legally binding. The processes take place outside of court. This method gives both parties more control over the outcome by maintaining the confidentiality of the whole divorce procedure. For all parties concerned, such a setup promotes a more beneficial and cooperative divorce settlement.

It is imperative that both parties seek legal counsel to evaluate the divorce documents and provide guidance throughout the process, even in amicable splits. Even if you think you understand the terms of the agreement, this step is crucial.

Not only must The Louis Law Firm, PLLC notify you of what you’re consenting to, but we also have an obligation to make sure that nothing essential has been left out. This is the real shining moment of our experience. When something important is missing from the contract, will you know about it? We will, given that we handle these issues on a daily basis. We can stop any costly mistakes from happening so you get the results you really want.

Many parties to divorce would rather not to publicly air their arguments in court or entrust important decisions to the judgment of a stranger judge. They also don’t want to give in on crucial points in order to get to a settlement, though. To allay these worries, we at The Louis Law Firm, PLLC, negotiate with rigor and integrity in discreet settings that protect your privacy. We have a great deal of trial and courtroom expertise, so we can offer insights into the kinds of decisions a judge might make. This guarantees that our clients will never inadvertently settle for less than they might be able to get in court.

The length of time it takes to complete an uncontested divorce varies based on the particulars and situation. From the time the lawsuit is filed until the judge grants the divorce, it usually takes three months. A Brooklyn divorce lawyer can provide you a more precise timeframe estimate.

In New York State, you or your spouse must have lived there for a minimum of two years prior to starting the divorce process, or both spouses must be residents on the day the divorce is filed, in order to be eligible for an uncontested divorce.

In contrast to an uncontested divorce, which comprises couples that get along well and are friendly with one another, a contentious divorce involves couples who cannot agree on how to end their marriage.

We at The Louis Law Firm, PLLC can help you end your marriage while making sure that your assets, rights, and custody agreements are upheld and fairly distributed. Get in touch with us right now to see how our Brooklyn uncontested divorce attorney may help you.

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