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Separation Agreements

Some couples prefer to obtain a separation instead of a divorce. The two most common reasons couples prefer a separation over a divorce are: 1) they still care about their spouse and are not sure if they want to be fully divorced; or 2) they want to continue to be covered under the spouse’s medical insurance. Custody, visitation, support and equitable distribution are all worked out into the separation agreement. 

There are two ways to obtain a separation:

  1. A court ordered judgment of separation based on inhumane treatment, adultery, imprisonment and non-support of your spouse; or
  2. A separation agreement signed by both parties.

If the husband and wife sign a separation agreement, either party may choose to convert the separation agreement into a divorce by filing an uncontested divorce and incorporating the separation agreement with the divorce. 

Our office has a unique way of obtaining separation agreements that is quick and much cheaper than most lawyers. If you are interested in filing for  separation, call our office for a free in-depth legal consultation regarding your case.

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